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                SANJIA agricultural machinery parts co., Ltd


                Address:No. 6, building 10, north area of pangkou agricultural machinery accessories market, gaoyang county, Hebei, China

                Sanjia agricultural machinery parts co.,Ltd is located in gaoyang county,which is famous for accessories in home and abroad,established in 1990.Our company has being the leading provide for more than 3000 kinds of machinery parts,including:cylinder liner.piston,piston ring,crankshaft,connecting rod,cylinder head,fuel injection pump,fuel injector,valve,diesel engine,etc.After years of operating,we are conferred the reputation for experts in China agricultural machinery parts industry.In 2004,our brand Jingzhu had won the honor of "Chinese Famous Brand" and "National Inspection-exempted Products",which made us famous and entered into the ranks of China's top brand. During more than 20 years development,product sales cover nearly 30 provinces and cities,and many branches and agencies are set up.Products are exported to Southeast Asia,Africa,the Americas,Eastern Europe and other countries.Now,the company has more than 300 employees,3 technology production lines which reach the advanced level,the annual sales achieved 70 million.At the same time,SJ company services for design,development and manufacture spare parts for domestic and foreign famous brands.With the professional team,strict management and advanced equipment,SJ company focus on building SJ brand and environment-friendly series spare parts. As for the agricultural machinery spare parts experts,SJ is professional and charming and with the spirit of passionate,extraordinary,innovation makes its own design concept.The perfect combination of the concept of east and west form character and style of SJ.The founder and disseminator,SJ will continue to create a new culture of glamour accessories. The good reputation,efficient service,strict management to improve company competitiveness let SJ company establish a good social image.Till now,SJ continue improving itself to achieve the goal of the China high end diesel engine spare parts.

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